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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Binkie Bling!

Babies and pacifiers go hand in hand. You ALL know what happens when that pacifier ends up missing.... ( HELP! )

These are hand beaded pacifier clips that clip onto clothing and attach wonderfully to babies pacifiers of all kinds!

They are made with strong wire, acrylic,glass,stone,metal, beads of all kinds, and are double or triple crimped for added safety.

I can custom make them in any colors you would like and can also add things like: flowers, butterflies, skulls, pearls, etc.

They come in boys and girls styles, and are a different range of lengths.

I am working on a shorter length right now to better help with baby and finding them.

Baby Binkie Bling range from $7.00- $10.99 per pacifier clip!

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