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Sunday, October 25, 2009

A More Sophisticated , yet Sexy Look!

I spent a few hours, searching all over, and found the perfect additions for our fall line.
We have got some more cardigans coming in, dresses, tops and more!

We are going for a more Sophisticated look, but yet, can be worn to casual engagements.

Part of our shipment is on backorder til the 30th of this month, but the rest should be here by the beginning of the next week.

I am super excited and can't wait to get pictures of the items, so I can post them!

We have no items over $50 at my little boutique, but most are under $30.

Keep checking back for a look at what is to come.....

Happy Halloween!

The gray top will come in black, and the lacey black top is available in black or white.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Show Pic's!

What an awesome show, and so much fun! Our vendors had a blast dressing up, and getting into character.
Here are a few shots that were taken by the talented Britt Miller with Stolen Moment's photography. She will be doing most of our shows, the next one being our Easter Bunny Hop N Treat!
Free pic's with the Easter Bunny! Coming February

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Perty Panties!

I had to do this!!!
At my shows we have a vendor, Spoil Me in Rhinestones.
She has robes, she has jewelry, she has panties!
Her prices are soooo reasonable, and her product to die for!
Here are a few pic's of what I like.
Head over to her site to get something for yourself!

* She is in the works of opening a brick and mortar shop, in the Holladay area, check her site for more details!

Sports Tees

On their way are these cute sports tees.
The ones coming in are WHITE with Silver numbers.
So cute to wear out to a football party. These are the new thing for the more casual look. Grab yours now, before they sell out.


I am looking into ordering some red ones, as shown in the picture and black ones also!

Now Available!

At my last show, I had a wonderful person come up and show me these adorable headbands! She said they were the "in" thing.
So I did some research and found some.
The picture above is not an exact picture but extremely close.
The colors I have in are:
Brown, Khaki, Red, Burgundy, Mustard, Hot Pink, Black and Cream.

Check with me first if interested. Some of these are plain without the crochet flower, and some DO have the flower.

There are two buttons for perfect sizing...

With Flower : $15
Without Flower: $12

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Thank you!

Oh my gosh! Where do I even begin to start?
The show yesterday, could not have been more awesome!
I really did not expect the turnout that we had, nor even the channel 13 news showing up!
Our photographer, Stolen Moments Photography, was taking and giving out free pictures, to our little goblins. The children were all dressed up in their costumes, smiles on their faces, and eager to get some TREATS!
We had a costume designer in the house. Rozzi's Sweet Peas had the cutest costumes, for the little ones, and can I add, that the hot Snow White Costume I was wearing, was CUSTOM made for me, by Rozzi. My daughter, in her Snow white Costume was another one of Rozzi's creations! I had so many compliments, and the most common one was: " That is so unique, something you can't BUY just anywhere" How awesome is that?
We had our wonderful vendors all suited up, in the most fun, adorable and even sexy costumes.
We had a Hippie chic, a Sexy Zebra, Kethcup and Hotdog, Snow White and Grumpy, Pirates, Witches, and even an angel. The face painting that was FREE, was done by Rozzi and they even handed out balloons to the kids!
We had the music, we had SOME decor ( got asked to take most of it down ), and we even had the FUN!
With great help from our friends at the Utah Kids club, we had a TON of people come through! Do you know that if you use your Utah Kids Club card at some of our vendors booths, including mine, you get a GREAT discount? You can sign up to be a member at It is around $12 a month, that is it! You get so much savings with that little card! It is beyond worth signing up for!
From Lia Sophia,Personal Training with RuthAnne, Mary Kay, Hair Clippies, Tutus, Yoli, Wild Tree, Usborne Books, Children's toys, Miche Bags, to women's and men's clothing, costumes, and home decor.
Speaking of HOME DECOR: ImagiNAYtion Creations, almost sold out in the first 2 hrs of their Spooky Holiday Decor! Lucky for our customers, she was taking custom orders and home today already getting those going!

One thing missing, that is usually at my shows : Boutique Frenzy.... Now, don't blame them, BLAME ME! They had emailed me before the show trying to get the red box out to us, and I did not see it, and did not respond. I am soooo sorry! I know a lot of you look forward to that. You see, about 2 weeks before the show, my job is to go crazy, and not read all emails, not check phone messages, and therefor, not get back to the great people who need me! Why? I am so busy running around, getting permits, shopping for decorations, getting my candy, getting paperwork lined up, filling those last booths, helping vendors, that I put some of the other important things aside. I don't think that will happen again! So sorry again, for that guys!
Just to pay my great customers back: the first person to make a comment on this post, will win a prize~ So leave, your comment here!!!
Thanks again for coming out to our AWESOME halloween show, and meeting some of my favorite people, my AWESOME vendors! They were so awesome to dress up for you, and have some fun wonderful things at their booths. That shows how much they love you, and their jobs!
We are in the works of planning something fun, kid friendly, and EXCITING for our Easter Show, and as always, will be seeing you soon, at a boutique near you.... Battle Creek Boutique, here we come next week!

Here are some pic's of some of my favorite holiday items from our show, and I will post a few pic's from the show soon!
Remember, these products are some of our vendors from the show, you can click on our Trick or Treat Bootique vendors list, to find and purchase these items!
Thanks again!

Friday, October 16, 2009

The Show is about to begin!

The show is tomorrow!
I am so excited, and so are our vendors!
We have some fun things in store, and can't wait to meet some of our newest customers!

Here is a coupon for my booth! Even if you are purchasing all "sale" items, you can still use it!
You must spend at least $25 or more, and can only use one coupon per customer!

With the sales we have going, you can get 6 shirts for that $25.

The show starts at 10 am and runs to 7 pm

Wear YOUR costumes and get those cute little kids dressed up too!

See you tomorrow!

* all scavenger hunt winners can pick up your prize at the Tinker Bear Booth out front of the show!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Hunt Continues....

Okay ! 2 more days to go, til the Trick or Treat Bootique!
Who is coming? YOU ARE!!!!

Here are my questions for the hunt, remember the first one to comment the CORRECT answers, wins a prize that they can pick up at the Bootique on Saturday, at South Towne Expo!!!!!!!!

Drum roll..................

1. I am looking for vivian, stacy and ashley

2.Where can I find a Halloween activities set?

3.When you go to this site, wait a minute and you will view, two skeletons with a pumpkin basket waving at you! Whose site?

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

New Hunt- TONZ of visitors!

How crazy! Our scavenger hunt is finally getting some attention!
Congrats to all the winners!
We are also seeing a ton of traffic on this site. Why?
Welcome to our site! We love new people! Thanks for stopping in! Hey, sign up for our mailing list, or sign up to follow our blog! Lot's of exciting things going on here at the boutique!

So here is the new hunt! Leave a comment in this section with the answers. Emails to me don't count! Your answers must be posted here, so that there is proof of time and date!!!

1. What is the Plymouth and where can I find it?

2. Whose brilliant idea is the " Birthday Calendar"?

3.Where can I find some Time Wise Replenishing Serum?

Bonus for fun:
What is your favorite fall item in Tinker Bears Line? Why?

More of the hunt, a harder quiz!

Okay, do this, surf my vendors, then once you find the answers, post a comment, in this section. Leave me your email address so I can contact you! 1st to answer all three wins a prize, that you can pick up at the Tinker Bear Boutique, this weekend at South Towne Expo!

I am looking for Easter Dreams, Patriot Dance, and True Blue.
Who has these?

2. Discover the fastest growing pre launch in american history, with who?

3.Where can you find Adam and Tawny?

Sunday, October 11, 2009

SALE SALE SALE- My costume!!

Okay, I have been so busy today, in the shop ( garage ) marking down items.

We have men's shirts starting at $10 up to $20

Women's jackets for $5

Womens short sleeved tees starting at $5

Women's long sleeved tees starting at $10

Toe Socks with bling for $2
Regular Socks for $1

Purses as low as $10

Wallets as low as $5

Jewelry starting at $3

Legwarmers that were $10, now $5

Slippers for $5 a pair

Watches $5 and up

Kids Clothes starting at $3

Hair Clippies and Headbands $1 each

Baby bracelets $2

Binkie holders $3

Women's anklets $3

I could go on all day.... You have got to come out to the show!
These deals are good for this show ONLY! Don't miss out!

On a fun note:
I went and tried on my costume today, from Rozzi's Sweet Peas......

SO FABULOUS!!! I had an idea in my head, this is it and more!
I am going to be the best looking Snow White at the show!!!

Remember, FREE GIFT to first 50 moms

Free Trick or Treating

Free Face Painting- Balloons!

Contest, prizes and more!


South Towne Expo Center, Sandy
9575 So. State St.

Check blog for fun scavenger hunt, that has PRIZES!! FREE AGAIN!!!

Tonz of great deals, especially for Christmas shopping! Stocking stuffers, YOU NAME IT!

Over 80% of my inventory is on sale!!!

New Hunt! Join in!

Here we go again!

3 questions, 3 answers! You find the answer on my Trick or Treat Spooktacular Bootique Vendors list!

1.I am looking for a Super Man cape, for my kids, where can I purchase one?

2.I am looking for products with the names: Platiunum, Onyx and Topaz

3. Who makes and sells these adorable outfits for your children?
Picture is above

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Scavenger hunt....

Since no one got my last scavenger hunt, it is time to post a new one!
Make a comment, with the answer and your email, but be the first, and you get a prize!!

This Scavenger Hunt has 3 Answers:

1.Where can I find some Basil Pesto?

2.Where can I find the items in the picture above?

3.Whose blog title is " Go Hard or Go Home!"

These are vendors featured under my Trick or Treat Vendors....

First one wins a prize!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

$1 Bin!

Yes, you read it!

I will be having a $1 bin!

I have got a lot of inventory left over from the summer, and even last year.

All children's hair clips, at my booth will be $1.
What you see is what you get. I won't have any stashed away, it will all be out, and there for you to buy!

$5 and $10 Sale!

Only at the Trick or Treat Spooktacular Bootique, will you be able to get some horroriffic deals!

We will be placing stars on items tags, and those stars will mean, GREAT DEAL!

A Red star is the best deal- $5 item

Green Star is $10

We will have children's, mens, women's shirts, slippers, leg warmers, jewelry, hats, and more, all on sale!!!

Here is a sampling of what you may find.....

Monday, October 5, 2009

Getting a little crazy....

Crazy for clothes, that is!

New stuff arriving daily! We are selling out of items, and having a hard time getting them back in, so, another order, on it's way, limited in numbers, but so stinking cute!

* the gray top only comes in black
* Sleevelss vest comes in purple and black!

Come out to the Trick or Treat Bootique, to get your hands on these!

Saturday, October 17th , South Towne Expo Center in Sandy!

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