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Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Hunt Continues....

Okay ! 2 more days to go, til the Trick or Treat Bootique!
Who is coming? YOU ARE!!!!

Here are my questions for the hunt, remember the first one to comment the CORRECT answers, wins a prize that they can pick up at the Bootique on Saturday, at South Towne Expo!!!!!!!!

Drum roll..................

1. I am looking for vivian, stacy and ashley

2.Where can I find a Halloween activities set?

3.When you go to this site, wait a minute and you will view, two skeletons with a pumpkin basket waving at you! Whose site?


The Chic Frugal Mama said...

1. Miche Bags
2. Usborne Books
3. Send out Cards with Amy

Leslie Rowberry

swpc said...

I'm not able to answer. But it's so special to hav quiz like that, creative!

Tinker Bear said...

You are our winner!
Please come out to the show on Saturday to get your prize!
The show is at South Towne Expo Center in Sandy!

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