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Sunday, October 5, 2008

A Long Weekend, over....

How about that awesome boutique on Friday and Saturday?
Suzanne and Tina, did an awesome job of putting it together.
Their advertising was amazing, as we hit some awesome sales!
We are almost completely sold out of the most popular rhinestone shirts, but don't you worry, we have more on their way!
For those of you with custome orders, I have already started on those!
I am in the process of ordering some new thermal shirts in sizes S-2X
I am also getting some more hoody's in for those of you with some request, along with a new line of baby wear going.....
Please email any custom orders, questions, or comments to: for a little while! Our Tinker Bear email is having "issues".
It was awesome meeting a lot of our new customers, along with some of the great vendors that we were blessed with their friendships and smiles throughout the event!
Keep Checking back for updates, our raffle drawing begins tomorrow!

Thanks for your support this past weekend!


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