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Monday, February 15, 2010

Breast Cancer Awareness Tees!

These adorable, tees will be available at our next show.

$2 of the sale of each will be donated to either a family who has suffered a loss from Breast cancer, or the Susan G Komen fund.

For this reason, these shirts will not be available at any discount, or coupons cannot be used in the purchase of these shirts!

$25 Ea.
White- S-XXL
Pink : M-XL

See you Feb. 27th! Grab one of these as we only have a limited quantity and don't know when we will be able to get them back in!



Andersen Family said...

YOu have to let me know when you get the shirts and bracelets in so I can come down to your house to purchase them.

Tinker Bear said...

The bracelets are due in today, and the shirts maybe next week. Aren't they so cute?
I will let you know when they arrive, or call me!

evaschiffer27 said...

Okay, I am interested with that shirts and for the bracelets too. Can you give me discount if i purchase a number of cloths and bracelets like other clothing distributors online?

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