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Sunday, February 14, 2010

We are truly blessed, and so thankful!

What an emotional morning it has been. A wonderful woman, Debbie, did a write up on our next show!
She is on board with us, in our war against breast cancer, and more!

Check out this link, to see what she wrote: Examiner

I am looking forward to meeting all of our great customers and supporters at our next event. Scroll through my postings for more info on our show, and the fundraiser we will be doing!

As always, hug your kids, kiss your husband, and tell all those that you love, that you love them!


We do not STAND ALONE!

God Bless!

Huge shipment of NEW hats in, all $15
A small shipment of NEW bohemian wraps in $15
Tank Dresses $22
Burnout Short Sleeve Shirts $22

Coming next week, our BREAST CANCER AWARENESS merchandise!!! So much going on!
See you Feb. 27th!!

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