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Monday, February 15, 2010

Breast Cancer Awareness Tees!

These adorable, tees will be available at our next show.

$2 of the sale of each will be donated to either a family who has suffered a loss from Breast cancer, or the Susan G Komen fund.

For this reason, these shirts will not be available at any discount, or coupons cannot be used in the purchase of these shirts!

$25 Ea.
White- S-XXL
Pink : M-XL

See you Feb. 27th! Grab one of these as we only have a limited quantity and don't know when we will be able to get them back in!


Sunday, February 14, 2010

We are truly blessed, and so thankful!

What an emotional morning it has been. A wonderful woman, Debbie, did a write up on our next show!
She is on board with us, in our war against breast cancer, and more!

Check out this link, to see what she wrote: Examiner

I am looking forward to meeting all of our great customers and supporters at our next event. Scroll through my postings for more info on our show, and the fundraiser we will be doing!

As always, hug your kids, kiss your husband, and tell all those that you love, that you love them!


We do not STAND ALONE!

God Bless!

Huge shipment of NEW hats in, all $15
A small shipment of NEW bohemian wraps in $15
Tank Dresses $22
Burnout Short Sleeve Shirts $22

Coming next week, our BREAST CANCER AWARENESS merchandise!!! So much going on!
See you Feb. 27th!!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Please Help...

This past week has brought great sorrow to a wonderful, loving family in our community.
A beautiful, loving wife and mother of 2 young boys, has passed away from cancer.
We will be doing a raffle at our next show, to raise funds for this great family.

The prizes have been and will be donated by vendors of our shows.

Tickets will be $1 each, and drawings will be held every hour. You must be present to win.

We are also accepting any donations as it will help immensely with bills, funeral costs, and much more.
Please email me if you would like to make a contribution, and PLEASE purchase a raffle ticket at our next show. It is greatly appreciated.

Another great way to help, is to purchase these items at our shows.

100% of the profit will go towards the family of this mother.

Pink Ribbon Pin :$2.00
Pink Ribbon Bead Bracelet: $6.00
Pink Ribbon Pens : $2.00
Pink Ribbon Stretch Bracelet: $4.00

Thank you,
Jen Morton

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